Classy Stylish Washbasins For Glamorous Bathrooms

Washbasin is counted among one of the most important components of your bathroom. Before you buy washbasin onlineor offline and install it in your bathroom,Guest Posting it is essential that you understand who will be using it. Whether, it will be used by your children, elderly parents or your guests. There is one more thing you will be required to decide before buying washbasins and i.e. how many basins you require and in which material. In case you experience morning rush hour regularly, buying of double basin will be the best choice for you. But if you have an en-suite, above counter basin would be perfect for you.

Bathroom basins can be divided in to various categories on the basis of their style and design. These are as follows:


It is one of the most Fitted Bathrooms popular choices of basin available in the market. Pedestal Basins can be placed on the slim base and are available in the cylindrical and slightly tapering shapes. Known for their elegant style, these basins are ideal for the bathrooms that have high ceilings and great structure.

Bowl Basins:

Another washbasin that is in great demand worldwide is bowl basin. They are designed in such a way that they always look separated from the surface on which they are placed. Bowl Basins appear just like a salad bowl and can be easily fitted on a countertop. These bowls can be made both out of metals a well as marble stone. As compared with other style of basins, bowl basins have more height. So, in the houses where there are kids or elderly people, these types of basins should not be installed.

Wall Hung Washbasin:

Wall Hung Washbasins are known for their simple style. These basins are designed especially for the bathrooms with a less space and can be fixed easily to the wall. However, there is one downside of wall hung basins and i.e. they possess a limited storage capacity. These basins are offered in numerous sizes but mostly they are smaller than the others.