The Complete Party Costumes

Halloween is one of the most popular festivals that have gained increased popularity with every passing year. And the most important part of this festival is the Halloween costume. Halloween is nearing? Worried about what costume you will wear for the Halloween? If this is the problem that is bothering you,The Complete Party Costumes 101 Articles then there is no reason for you to worry. Though Halloween initially started as a children’s costume festival, gone are the days when only children reveled at the Halloween parties. Now teenagers and even adults all go for the special Halloween parties. Therefore, the importance of Halloween costumes has also increased. In America, shops start getting Halloween costumes around the month of august. Besides, especially designed Halloween costumes also get tailor made. Catwoman costume and Alice in wonderland costume are the most popular for women.

Halloween falls around the time of October 31st. The first recorded history of wearing Halloween costume is in Scotland around 1895. However, in many other countries it started later than 1900. The Halloween costumes that children and adults wear are often based on supernatural creatures or scary, spooky characters. Dracula, vampires, witches, ghosts, monsters and even recently science fiction characters are very common in Halloween parties. Catwoman costume and Alice in wonderland costume have gained increased popularity, specially after the success of the movies with such characters in it.

You might be thinking that Catwoman costume is really tough to wear but it is not, if you have the proper stuffs then you can easily wear it. You need a black jumpsuit, preferably in leather. This ensures the shiny finish without which the Catwoman costume is not complete. Black leather boots and black gloves are the other requirements which halloween restaurant decoration ideas need a shiny finish. For the golden belt, wither buy a golden colored belt or spray paint any belt into this color. Buy a few fake nails, cut them pointed and glue them to your gloves. Use a golden nail paint to color them. Take some fake nails, cut them pointed and paint them golden. Now, with some glue, fix them to your gloves for your gloves to be ready. You will need a Catwoman mask which is usually available at all costume shops. You can also add the ears to give it a more supernatural look. The makeup is also important. So, invest in artificial eyelashes and a decent mascara to further accentuate your lashes. Do not forget the dark, elaborate eye makeup and the muted lips to focus all focus to the Catwomans eyes.

Alice in Wonderland is the sweet, innocent look that can be a change from the usual Halloween parties. For the Alice in wonderland costume, you need a blue a-line dress. The sleeves need to be puffed and tight at the hems and can be easily improvised. All you need to do is cut it short, stitch the hems and the elastic along with it to get the sleeves of perfect length and shape. You will also need to wear flat belles and a white apron which should be easily available. All you need to do is just cut the sleeves to the correct length and stitch the elastic at the ends. Wear a white apron over your dress. Do not forget your blond wig and the black head bank to tuck your hair back for the Alice in Wonderland costume to be complete and successfully so.